Hospice Care

Hospice Care is an approach to care that leans more towards achieving comfort for the patient rather than opt for more aggressive forms of curative rehabilitation/treatment. At GHC Hospice, Inc. our hospice care programs have proven to be most ideal for patients with life-limiting health conditions or less than 6 months of life expectancy as pronounced by their physicians.

However, even with the short time span left or how debilitating the symptoms may be, GHC Hospice, Inc. rally behind family members and loved ones to give the patient the all-out support. We are more than just nurses and aides; rather we have built a legacy of supporting families at their time of need.

Often, the hardest part of starting with Hospice Care is starting the conversation. Telling someone about Hospice Care options are often met with indecision. We know that all this will boil down to one thing that helps most and that is through education.

GHC Hospice, Inc. places a great deal of emphasis in giving our patients and their family with access to the education and health care information, hospice care options and the counseling that will make this difficult time less stressful for them.

Schedule our care coordinators for an assessment. We can visit you at home and evaluate the need for hospice care by identifying areas in which hospice care would prove most helpful. Please call us at 909-252-7828.

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